As a pioneer in China’s financial information provider field, SQH Tech (a.k.a. SQH Tech (Beijing) Limited) serves the financial industry specializing on the banking industry, insurance industry and fund industry with big data technology and AI technology. The company is dedicated to empowering niche financial scenarios with AI technology. The core competitiveness of SQH Tech is deeply rooted in its cutting-edge capability of making scientific research and profound experience in financial services. SQH Tech was founded in 2014 by several Carnegie Mellon alumni and financial industry veterans. The company name was derived from the Squirrel Hill, a great community where Carnegie Mellon and plenty of innovation centers are located. Based in Beijing, SQH Tech has received millions of RMB & USD funding from respected investors, including DCVP and N5 Capital. Products and Services provided:

  • AI Data Processing Services
  • AI Risk Assessment Services in Financial Industry
  • AI Dynamic Risk Monitoring Solution in Financial Industry
  • Anti-Fraud Solutions on in Financial Industry
  • Knowledge Graph Application
  • NLP Chinese Text Analysis Application