Tableau’s mission is to help people see and understand data. Our platform makes business analytics intuitive, allowing people to quickly answer questions with data and share insights across their organization.

Tableau helps people transform data into actionable insights that make an impact. Easily connect to data stored anywhere, in any format. Quickly perform ad hoc analyses that reveal hidden opportunities. Drag and drop to create interactive dashboards with advanced visual analytics. Then share across your organization and empower teammates to explore their perspective on data.

From global enterprises to early-stage startups and small businesses, people everywhere use Tableau’s analytics platform to see and understand their data. Discover the benefits of Neo4j BI Connector. To see how Tableau talks to Neo4j in real-time, watch this video. To access Neo4j directly from Tableau use the Neo4j BI Connector. It provides real-time access from Tableau and is the first enterprise-ready, supported product to deliver connected data results to users in a seamless manner, avoiding coding, custom scripting, and ungoverned access.
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