040 Exploring the Relationships Between People in the Ancient Chinese Novel, “Three King – NODES2022

21 Nov, 2022

In this session, we’ll explore the relationships between people in the novel, “Three Kingdoms,” using Neo4j. “Three Kingdoms” tells the story of the fateful last reign of the Han dynasty (206 B.C.–A.D. 220) when the Chinese empire was divided into three warring kingdoms. This Ming dynasty masterpiece continues to be widely influential in China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam and remains a great work of world literature that has become the Chinese national epic. Speakers: Shiny Zhu Format: Full Session 30-45 min Level: Beginner Topics: #Database, #Visualization, #KnowledgeGraph, #General, #Beginner Region: APAC Slides: https://dist.neo4j.com/nodes-20202-slides/040%20Exploring%20the%20Relationships%20Between%20People%20in%20the%20Ancient%20Chinese%20Novel%2C%20%22Three%20Kingdoms%22%20-%20NODES2022%20-%20APAC%20Beginner%203%20-%20Shiny%20Zhu.pdf Visit https://neo4j.com/nodes-2022 learn more at https://neo4j.com/developer/get-started and engage at https://community.neo4j.com

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