068 BlueHound Community-Driven Security Based on Neo4j and NeoDash – NODES202 – Dekel Paz

26 Nov, 2022

BlueHound is a new open-source cybersecurity tool originally inspired by and forked from NeoDash, Neo4j’s dashboard builder, which helps create visualizations for graph data. BlueHound helps defensive teams pinpoint security issues by adding data collection capabilities, query execution and caching, results export, and many new charts and features. This talk will focus on the technical details of how we use Neo4j with security data to help organizations defend themselves, presenting some of the Cypher queries and the use cases that make up BlueHound. It will also cover using NeoDash and the changes that we’ve made to make it suitable for BlueHound. Speakers: Dekel Paz Format: Full Session 30-45 min Level: Intermediate Topics: Cypher, Security, Visualization, General Region: APAC https://dist.neo4j.com/nodes-20202-slides/068%20BlueHound%20Community-Driven%20Security%20Based%20on%20Neo4j%20and%20NeoDash%20-%20NODES2022%20APAC%20Intermediate%2010%20-%20Dekel%20Paz.pptx Visit https://neo4j.com/nodes-2022 learn more at https://neo4j.com/developer/get-started and engage at https://community.neo4j.com

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