1 – 10+ Years of TeX Live in a Graph Database

09 Nov, 2021

TeX Live is the most widely used TeX distribution, supporting Windows, Mac, and all kind of Unixes. About 11 years ago, we introduced an online distribution, shipping about 4Gb of programs and data with daily updates. Tracking this in a graph database gives a sizable graph of 300,000 nodes and 16 million vertices. Norbert Preining Researcher, Fujitsu Mathematician and Logician by education, Norbert is now working for Fujitsu Research Labs on Machine Learning and Open Source. His core interests are mathematical logic, computer science, machine learning, AI, security, software verification and specification. He is also the architect and main developer of the TeX Live distribution and package management system, and has developed the cross-platform package manager doing the heavy work.

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