1 – Combating the Medical Climate Crisis

02 Aug, 2021

More people will die from antibiotic resistance by 2050 than cancer. It will cost the world up to $100 trillion USD. To counter this public health crisis, we present a comprehensive Infectious Diseases Neo4j Knowledge Graph to offer the right antibiotic for right diagnosis in right dosage. Roland Haas QSO Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. Roland E Haas is a professor at the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore and chairman of QSO Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., a consulting and systems engineering services provider which he founded in 2007. He has 25 years of experience in research, techno-managerial, business innovation and development assignments in Germany, India, USA, Japan and Israel. Dr. Haas has broad experience in Automotive R&D, Aerospace R&D, Systems Engineering, Software & IT services, consulting and strategy. Heading the Daimler India R&D Center in Bangalore. He has co-authored several books. Dr. Haas was an adjunct faculty member of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and has done teaching and research in Cyber Security, Automotive Electronics, Car IT, Software technologies, Autonomous Systems, Management Information Systems and Virtual Product Creation. He is an Alumnus of the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes) and the Mercedes-Benz Scholarship Foundation. Dr. Haas studied Computer Science, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Karlsruhe (now Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT) and the Technical University of Clausthal. Asoke K Talukder Chief Science & Technology Officer, SRIT India Ltd Asoke is an innovator and an entrepreneur. He innovated and engineered many killer products and first in the world. He engineered the first 64 bit database in the world for Digital DEC Alpha and Informix in 1993. He setup the first X.25 network with reverse emulator for the Department of Telecommunications, India. He engineered the Network Management System for Queen’s Award winning PDMX. He co-founded Cellnext in 2000 that defined the mobile Web and mobile Internet in India. He co-founded the first big-data genomics company InterpretOmics in India in 2008. He is recipient of many awards for innovation and professional excellence including Karnataka Bio-Excellence Award, ICIM Professional Excellence Award, ICL Services Trophy, ICL Excellence Award, IBM Solutions Excellence Award, Simagine GSMWorld Award, Atlas Club Excellence Award, All India Radio/Doordarshan Award etc. Asoke’s expertise ranges from compilers to cancer. He did M.Sc in Physics and Ph.D in Computer Science. He was the DaimlerChrysler Chair Professor at IIIT-Bangalore. Two of his books have been translated in Chinese Language. His current areas of interest are Knowledge Engineering and Medical AI.

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