11 – Building an Authorization Solution for Microservices Using Neo4j and OPA

18 Jun, 2022

Speakers: • Ido Faran, Software Team Leader, AppsFlyer • Olga Kogan, Software Architect, AppsFlyer Session type: Workshop Abstract: Join us to learn how we built an innovative centralized policy-based authorization solution for microservices architecture using Neo4j and OPA (open policy agent). We will explore the advantages and challenges of having a shared repository for entities and an authorization data model. Our business-critical domain model, which provides the context to all AppsFlyer data analytics products, is managed in Neo4j and reflects the entire graph of relationships between our customers and partners. In addition, we use Neo4j as the control plane repository of the authorization service. Managing permissions configuration and entities as part of the same graph allows us to easily manage the lifecycle dependencies between the two. Our innovative authorization solution, on top of Neo4j, allows us to easily change the authorization logic when new functionality is added or when data sharing policies or privacy regulations change. We help more than 80K customers by providing advanced analytics solutions and products for marketing teams and application owners. Our customers include global brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Pinterest, Visa and more. We also integrate with over 9K partners, including media partners, customer engagement platforms, campaign management platforms and more.

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