17 – Pouring Coffee Into the Matrix: Building Java Applications on Neo4j

18 Jun, 2022

Speaker: Jennifer Reif, Developer Advocate, Neo4j Session type: Full Length Abstract: Many of us have built applications for traditional data structures (like relational database tables), but is it different for graph data stores? Do developers need to retool and relearn? In this session, we’ll cover a brief introduction to graphs, walk you through writing a typical Java application with Spring, and connect it to Neo4j. From interacting with the graph data from the application to deploying to the cloud, you’ll see the process from start to finish. You’ll also learn how to tackle pitfalls and pick up tips along the way, as well as explore the ways we can build, deploy, and connect applications to the database. This will come alive through a live demo, as we see the results of our efforts. Come to this session to build your business applications for graph data!

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