19 – How Expedia’s Entity Graph Powers Global Travel

18 Jun, 2022

Speakers: • Raghavendra Sayana, Cloud Automation and Reliability Engineer, Expedia Group • Chris Williams, Principal Software Development Engineer, Expedia Group Session type: Full Length Session Abstract: “The Expedia Group Platform serves more than 200 travel sites in 70 countries and encompasses nearly 3 million properties. Expedia developed its Entity Key Graph (EKG) using Neo4j, unlimited entity graph traversals such as starting at a known reservation and moving to the associated unit and then to the property and then to the owner. The ability to traverse the business graph in a native graph engine like Neo4j allows Expedia to easily slice off “views” of data that can be used time and time again. This common graph platform allows any view of data to be created with the same underlying graph supporting it, with no extra indexes or complex SQL queries required. In this session, Chris Williams, principal engineer, will outline how Expedia uses Neo4j in conjunction with MongoDB to build flexible and powerful event-driven views of its massive graph. Chris will be joined by Raghu Sayana, staff engineer, who will discuss how Neo4j fits in Expedia’s automated deployment framework to support this and other use cases with minimal hands-on effort.”

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