2 – Controlling Cypher Queries with Voice

02 Aug, 2021

I’m a Trekkie. I love the computers of Star Trek. As a first step to Star Trek-level tech, let’s control the Cypher language with voice. Koji Annoura CTO, UTI,Inc. Koji Annoura has over 40 years of commercial experience in IT. He has been dealing with Agile since 2009, he is one of the founders of the Neo4j graph database user group in Tokyo/Japan. He was responsible for Agile transformation and implementation of Agile and Scrum to many companies and teams. He is one of the authors of the book The Practical Guide to MacOS X Server. Fundamental Para-Sports instructor. Completed the Japanese sign language basic course. Certified UCC Coffee Professional. SCAJ Coffee Meister. Graph Community MVP Asia

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