22 – A Real World Case Study for Implementing an Enterprise Scale Data Fabric

18 Jun, 2022

Speakers: • Joseph Hilger, COO, Enterprise Knowledge, LLC • Lulit Tesfaye, Partner and Division Director, Data & Information Management, Enterprise Knowledge, LLC Session type: Full Length Session Abstract: Data Fabric is one of the hottest solutions in the data world right now. It is seen as the new way to democratize access to data. While the concept makes sense, the real question is how it can work at scale in large organizations. Enterprise Knowledge is implementing a true enterprise-wide data fabric for one of the largest financial institutions in the United States. This is a project against massive datasets that serves an entire organization. Our client has over 350 petabytes of data that provides information to over 10 divisions within the organization. As part of this presentation, we’ll share how our consultants are designing the abstraction layer, implementing governance, and democratizing access to information across the enterprise. We’ll answer questions about how data fabric works, how it scales, and how your organization can implement its own data fabric solution.

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