24 – Getting Started with Neo4j on AWS

18 Jun, 2022

Speaker: Mark Baker, Product Manager, Neo4j Session type: Full Length Abstract: There are over 200 different AMIs available in AWS from sources such as Community AMIs and AWS Marketplace that purport to provide a Neo4j graph database. In addition to Neo4j Enterprise and Neo4j Community editions, there are container images and Helm charts, as well as AuraDB Enterprise, Neo4j’s fully managed graph database platform. Add the 100+ AWS services that you might want to integrate with Neo4j , the almost infinite AWS configuration options for storage, networking, instance selection, and security, and a developer easily becomes overloaded with choice. In this session, we’ll look at the different ways to get started with Neo4j in AWS so you can get the best setup to meet your personal, business, and budgetary needs. We will also look at getting data into Neo4j on AWS so you quickly get productive with your graph model.

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