26 – Scale Your Mission-Critical Applications With Neo4j Fabric and Clustering Architecture

18 Jun, 2022

Speaker: Stu Moore, Product Manager, Neo4j Session type: Full Length Session Abstract: As an organisation’s data continues to grow, graph practitioners have to design solutions that enable them to make effective business decisions from multiple business graphs, or within a single graph that may be growing rapidly to multiple terabytes of data. This session is for you if you are concerned with operational issues like minimising the number of clusters, horizontal scale and elasticity, sharding very large data sets to improve manageability and querying multiple business graphs in real-time. Against the backdrop of two financial uses cases we will explore how Clustering and Fabric in Neo4j 5 – currently available as a Tech Preview in Neo4j 4.4 – can help you can make business decisions in real-time across different business graphs (federated queries) and make multi-terabyte datasets more manageable (sharding) within a highly scalable and elastic clustering architecture.

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