33 – Revolutionizing the Energy Industry with Graphs

18 Jun, 2022

Speaker: David Swank, CEO, EnXchange Session type: Full Length Session Abstract: Today’s Energy industry is fraught with complications, from old data silos, complex “smart” equipment, and massively changing new demand from EV to solar and wind home generation. In this session, hear how graph databases are revolutionizing the way the energy industry connects and powers the world. All types of players in the industry from transmission companies, co-ops, consumers, and equipment providers are part of the “graph” and will become integrated players in the new world for how we all interact with the energy grid. This session will focus on EnXchange’s vision to orchestrate and optimize grid operations serving more than 40 million commercial and residential customers across the U.S. From generation to toaster, EnXchange is using Neo4j and Fabric to deliver actionable insights and predictive analytics across hundreds of independent operators.

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