4 – KNIME Data Science Orchestration with Neo4j

08 Jul, 2021

“Sell this pen” – an urgent business request. Data scientists have to spend a large amount of time wrangling data from different sources and running ML algorithms. With KNIME’s Neo4j Connection node, data science teams can build an end-to-end data science orchestration pipeline. Dominic Kumar Data Architect, Deloitte Dominic Kumar is currently an Enterprise Data Architect, working on Data and Analytics workspaces. Dominic holds a computer science Engineering degree and has 16+ years of experience in Data Architecture. He has obtained several certifications in Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB and Neo4j. He has spent close to 2 decades working in the Oil & Gas industry. He is expertise in transforming Data into Knowledge, providing 360-degree Insight on Data and value-based solutions. Dominic participates and speaks at Neo4j global summits and is a frequent community contributor for Neo4j. His core interests are NoSQL databases, machine learning, AI & security.

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