62 – Graph-Based Network Topology Analysis for Telecom Operators

18 Jun, 2022

Speakers: • Nouamane Bensaoud, Senior Consultant, Sopra Steria • Daniel Schmitz, Data Science Consultant, Sopra Steria Session type: Full Length Session Abstract: Telecom providers suffer from outdated, manually-maintained inventory data, which leads to network mismanagement and impedes network automatization. To overcome these challenges, Sopra Steria developed a solution that reconstructs the actual network topology from network configuration data, stores it in a Neo4j database, and visualizes the result in a comprehensible way: the Intelligent Network Analyzer. We show how Neo4j can be employed to efficiently store and analyze a country-wide telecom network. Exemplary use cases are tracking the evolution of the network over time while providing impact analysis and fine-grained network exploration. Furthermore, we demonstrate how to perform a traffic simulation using Neo4j. Based on Neo4j and networkx, an algorithm optimizes the traffic routing in the network to minimize overloads and latency. The presentation includes a live demo.

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