7 – Using Graphs to Support More Equitable Search

09 Nov, 2021

Should users be able to use the language they are the most comfortable with to find information? The answer is yes and now with graph technology, the possibility to create more equitable search applications is possible. Join me in exploring how you can include more equality in your search practices. Ashleigh Faith Director, Knowledge Graph & Semantic Search, EBSCO Information Ashleigh Faith is the Director of Platform Knowledge Graph and Semantic Search at EBSCO, one of the largest global academic search engines. Her PhD and continued research efforts focus on Advanced Semantics and bridging the gap between users and information. She has worked in the search and data community for over 15 years with corporate business on eCommerce and Digital Asset Management, as well as government entities such as GM, NASA, NATO, Gulfstream, DoD, and NLM on data strategy and knowledge management. Her main focus is knowledge graph, semantic search, and general information architecture.

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