8 – AviarGraph Visualizing Neo4j Graphs in VR Using Force Directed Graph Technology

20 Jul, 2021

Do dense graphs overwhelm your ability to process what you see? What if instead of analyzing your graph on 2D monitors, you could stand inside your graph in a space as big as the sky? AviarGraph delivers dynamic Neo4j graphs in VR using force-directed graph technology to let you immerse yourself in your data. James R. Mireles I have been in software development for over 25 years, most spent in databases. But in 2014, facing a NASA layoff (layoffs happen in the NASA world; they’re part of the experience), I decided to pivot into VR. I acquired an Oculus DK2 and started learning Unreal and then, later, Unity. Data science in VR is a way to leverage my software development skills in a dynamic and growing field. What else is of interest about me? Hmmm, I have a history degree, which means I would probably be the only presenter on the program with a non-technical degree (something I’m quite proud of). And I have one party trick: I can balance a sharpened pencil on my index finger.

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