8 – Drawing and Creating Graphs with Arrows app

07 Jul, 2021

Want to draw a diagram to explain your Neo4j graph to a friend or colleague? Arrows.app the perfect tool for the job. Use it to draw pictures of graphs for presentations, blogs, or documentation. This talk demonstrates drawing with Arrows.app and super-quick ways to put data into Neo4j. Alistair Jones Director of Engineering, Neo4j Alistair Jones is Director of Engineering at Neo4j, leading and growing the teams that build Neo4j. Alongside his main job in management, Alistair created arrows.app as an experimental side project, in close collaboration with Irfan Nuri Karaca. Irfran Karaca Software Engineer, Neo4j Irfan has been part of the Neo4j community for more than 6 years, initially working on a Graph Visualisation and ETL tool at Kale Yazilim. He presented that work at GraphConnect 2016. He initially worked on Neo4j Browser and then the first few versions of Neo4j Bloom. He is currently one of the Lead Engineers in the Neo4j Aura team, Neo4j’s fully managed cloud service, focused on the Console of the Neo4j Aura. He worked on version 2 of Arrows, a graph drawing tool that has been used to design and prototype many graph projects, and was also instrumental in the creation of NEuler, an education tool used to introduce users to the Graph Data Science Library.

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