8 – Schema Design Demystified Application Driven Graph Architecture

09 Nov, 2021

Serving data to front-end developers who are not Cypher experts while also maintaining many API endpoints can be a hassle. In this lightning talk we’ll look at the benefits of using a handful of principles while designing our graph schema. These principles will make querying and writing data back to the graph much easier. We’ll also look at how to best format the returned data and other lessons learned during different projects. Samuel Chalvet Senior Consultant, Graphable Samuel Chalvet is a Sr Consultant at Graphable. He has a BA in Computer Science and has experience in software and mobile app development. He delights in problem solving, gnarly logic issues and surmounting challenges. Sam is a native French and English speaker. When he is not slinging code or playing with Cypher, he enjoys reading, playing strategy games, cooking, and discovering other cultures.

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