9 – Creating Your First Graph Visualization A Low Code Approach

20 Jul, 2021

You’ve seen those graph visualizations, and you always wanted to create your own awesome apps that perfectly fit your use-cases, which can provide not just visualization but also insight. I will show you how to create a graph visualization for your Neo4j data in less than 10 minutes without coding! Sebastian Müller CTO, yWorks Sebastian has spent his entire professional career on the topic of interactive graph visualization. Almost 20 years ago, he helped establish [yWorks](https://yworks.com) as the leading provider of graph visualization software development kits. Today he is CTO of yWorks, leading a team of more than two dozen software developers, working on the company’s visualization SDKs [yFiles](https://yworks.com/yfiles). He is a developer by heart who wants to help others getting into graph and diagram visualization as smoothly as possible.

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