9 – Synthesizing a Logical Digital Twin to Avert Jurassic Disasters

17 Jun, 2022

Speaker: Spencer Shiotani, Principal Cognitive Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman Session type: Full Length Abstract: Maximizing efficiency in facility planning is difficult because buildings are complex systems. Tracking components such as electrical systems, security, network and data, people, seats, doors, etc., can become an insurmountable task. We propose a novel strategy to grapple with this inherent complexity through the utilization of graph-based Digital Twins in Neo4j. Producing a Digital Twin involves many different data sources, including architectural diagrams, HR data, and LiDAR scans to capture 3D representations of building interiors. In this talk, we’ll demonstrate how Northrop Grumman creates and implements these Digital Twins to orient new team members, optimize seating assignments, communicate changes to the employee base, track resource usage, coordinate large-scale moves, and analyze the delta between what was planned and what actually exists, thus making a historically underutilized resource more accessible and manageable.

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