Accelerating Digital Transformation at CA Technology with Neo4j – Dr. Peng Sun

04 Dec, 2018

CA Technologies delivers a rich product/solution portfolio to global customers in various cultures, locations, languages, hence a comprehensive data streams for the business. In order to help our business enhance the performance and customer experience, we are building a centralized enterprise data platform, leveraging ontology and the Graph database. In order to move at the speed of the business teams, we leverage a Graph to flexibly modify the data representation to deliver high-performance valuable query results in different applications. With a unified network representation of business entities, processes and relationships, we not only help the business bridge the gaps among different functionalities, but are also able to extract useful insights and build smart applications to deliver more business values combined with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques. Dr. Peng Sun, Principal Strategic Research at CA Technologies #GraphDatabase #NLP #MachineLearning

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