Being in Control and Staying Agile with Graph Requires Shifting Left at ING

05 Dec, 2018

With challenging requirements in availability, scalability and global reach we needed to reconsider our architecture. A strong principle starting point for customer facing services is that we adopt a master-less architecture where possible. In our use-case(s) availability is often more important than consistency however as time goes by and data quality degrades, consistency becomes more problematic. Imagine, one could design an architecture to remove throughput as a challenge, eliminate migrations and ensure consistency over time by means of re-deployments. We call this the cache cattle pipeline and started viewing our ‘datastore’ as multiple technologies to provide a total solution meeting our ultimate demands for the global reach. During this talk, they share the use-case(s), architectural overview and the paradigms adopted to help us bring graph database to life in our organization. Will Bleker, Chapter Lead and Middleware Engineer, and Gary Stewart, Platform Architect of Distributed Data – ING #DataDistribution #GraphDatabase #DataArchitecture

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