Best of NODES 2023 – Cypher

20 Dec, 2023

Best of NODES 2023 – Cypher We are looking back at a few of the best sessions from NODES 2023 Watch all of NODES: 1) Improving Data Quality With Cypher Types Having a schema-flexible database is great, especially for development, but we all know the hassle that inconsistent data in production can cause! The introduction of Type Constraints gives us the power to make sure our properties keep in line with what we expect to see, and the helper expressions and functions that were introduced alongside them give us the ability to clean up our data before we enforce them. In this talk, Cypher Engineers Gemma and Louise will introduce you to Cypher Types and how to work with the new Type Constraints and Type Predicate Expressions. You will learn how to use them, what to watch out for along the way, and, ultimately, how they significantly improve the quality of your data. Slides: 2) Re-Inventing Cypher Editing: Neo4j Meets Language Servers Discover Neo4j’s reinvented Cypher language support with intelligent auto-completion, perfect syntax highlighting, and more. We unveil a collection of new open-source tools: a language server, a standalone library, and a web editor, seamlessly integrated into Neo4j Workspace today and perhaps in your project tomorrow. Join Nacho and Oskar to learn how to leverage the new tools in your editor of choice and to influence where we go from here! 3) Unleash the Magic of User-Defined Procedures Iteratively traversing graphs while making stops and calculations on the way is hard to achieve using solely Cypher queries. Additionally, if your graph grows large, the run time also becomes unwieldy. Enter – user-defined procedures. They are your knight in shining armor when it comes to full-graph or big-subgraph traversals. Elena, who has been writing user-defined procedures enthusiastically for the last few years, will demonstrate why and how user-defined procedures can be helpful. Slides: #neo4j #graphdatabase #nodes2023 #procedures #Cypher #Recommendations #graphdatabase

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