Building a graph of the XRP ledger (Neo4j Online Meetup #53)

07 Mar, 2019

In this talk we’ll look at how a graph database can be used to explore relationships between wallets on the XRP ledger. The structure of the session will be as follows: * A quick intro to the XRP ledger * Why and how we decided to use a graph database to store this data * How we modeled and imported the data. * The kind of analyses we already ran on it, and ones which would make sense in the future * What visualizing the data reveals * Advantages of plotting the data in 3D —————————– ABOUT THE SPEAKERS —————————– Thomas Silkjær Thomas Silkjær writes about blockchain and big data, primarily focusing on XRP. He is the Creative Director at 2K/DENMARK with many years experience in both software development and graphic design. He believes that new technology can provide unique value and opportunity, but with a natural skepticism that new is not always better. Combined with an urge to know why and how things work, Thomas explores the possibilities of analyzing and utilizing the connected data in blockchain, both visually and investigative. Sony Green Sony Green is co-founder and Director of Business Development at Kineviz. After receiving his BFA in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design, he studied 3D animation at the Vancouver Film School and went on to work for LucasArts, Salesforce, the CDC, Yahoo, IGN, and multiple tech startups. He brings Kineviz’ clients and partners a cross-disciplinary approach to data visualization and analytics.

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