ChatGPT Generated Star Wars Data — Let’s Explore With Neo4j

04 May, 2023

Ever wondered what data-generating capabilities are possible with ChatGPT? Well, we were! On this festive May 4th, let’s take a look and see what’s possible with ChatGPT and Star Wars. Follow along in this video where our very own Jonathan Thein walks audiences through on: 1. How to prompt ChatGPT 2. Designing a Data Model 3. Previewing and Import the data into Neo4j 4. Exploring the data with Neo4j’s data visualization tool 5. Querying the Neo4j Database with Query Tools you’ll need for this tutorial: 1. Google Sheets / Excel 2. Get ChatGPT for free here: 3. Get your free graph database here: #starwars #chatgpt #openai

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