Configuration Management at Deutsche Bahn: A CMM4 Managed Environment for Data Centers

18 May, 2017

Slides for this talk: In this talk, Marcel and Axel will illustrate how a team at the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary DB Systel built a CMM-4 (Capability Maturity Model) configuration and environment management tool using graph technology. DB Systel GmbH is the internal Information and Communication Technology (ICT) partner of Deutsche Bahn, both on national and international levels. To optimize the whole lifecycle of ICT solutions – from planning and development to operation and optimisation – the team at DB Systel created a central and highly automated solution for the management of configuration data for any application, storage and computing environment including software, hardware and network components within the DB AG group. While Marcel’s part is primarily on the customer’s business requirements, architecture, design decisions and why they ended up using Neo4j and Structr, Axel will focus on the technology and products used in this approach. Marcel Donges – Deutsche Bahn Axel Morgner – Structr

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