Detecting eCommerce Fraud with Linkurious

22 Jun, 2017

Mohsan Tanvir, Business Developer at Linkurious:Last year, the global eCommerce market represented $1.9 trillions. As the market expands worldwide, the opportunity for fraud keeps growing with fraudsters constantly refining their tactics to outsmart anti-fraud frameworks. From chargeback fraud to re-shipping scam or identity fraud, numerous types of fraud can impact your organization. While collecting data is essential to enable real-time risk assessment, many organizations don’t have the necessary tools to find the insights needed to block fraud attempts. Neo4j and Linkurious offer a solution to tackle the eCommerce fraud challenge. Their combined technologies provide a 360° overview of organization’s data and allow real-time analysis and detection of eCommerce fraud patterns and activities. In this webinar, you will learn about: – The current trends of eCommerce frauds and the risks for organizations; – The challenges of detecting fraud tentatives in real-time and the advantage of the graph approach; – How to use Linkurious’ graph visualization and analysis software to prevent and investigate eCommerce fraud.

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