ChatGPT Adventures – Discover AuraDB with Michael and Alexander

30 Nov, 2022

Neo4j AuraDB Free: Catch-up on missed episodes from the repo! Blog: OpenAI: Geneology: GPT3 for 0:00 Intro 9:10 ChatGTP 1:08:21 WrapUp Graph Poem: Graphs are everywhere, In every shape and size, From the simple line graph To the complex network. They show us patterns and trends, Reveal connections and insights, Help us make predictions and decisions, And bring order to the chaos of data. In the world of finance and science, In the realms of art and politics, Graphs are a powerful tool For understanding and explaining. They are a window into the world, A way to see beyond the surface, To discover the hidden truths And to tell the stories of our time. So let us embrace the power of graphs, And let them guide us on our journey, As we explore the wonders of the world And seek to understand the universe. Michael: Alexander: Check out for questions and discussions around Neo4j #cloud #neo4j #graphdatabase #dataset #chatgpt #gpt #chatbot #openai image from

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