Superheroes – Discovering Neo4j AuraDB Free with Michael and Alexander

10 May, 2023

Neo4j AuraDB Free: Catch-up on missed episodes from the repo! Michael: Alexander: Links: Eurovision 2022: Michael and the Bot: NODES 2023: Superhero Dataset: Superhero Characters and Powers: SuperheroDB: NeoDash: 0:00 Intro 8:34 Superheroes with OpenAI/ChatGPT/LLMs 12:38 Looking into the Black Box / Superhero Datasets 18:10 Data Importing in AuraDB 26:15 Explore in Neo4j Bloom 30:40 Get Superpowers as Nodes with Profile and Explain 57:50 Superhero NeoDash Dashboard 1:07:05 WrapUp All previous episodes: Check out for questions and discussions around Neo4j #cloud #neo4j #graphdatabase #datasets #superhero #superpower image from:

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