Football Exploration with Neo4r (Neo4j Online Meetup #63)

03 Jun, 2019

In this meetup Bea will be showing how she used the new Neo4j R-driver to analyze home advantage and competitiveness in football (soccer for you Americans and Aussies). JOIN ON CROWDCAST TO CHAT LIVE —————————– —————————– To chat after the live stream ends, you can reach her on the Neo4j Community Site: ABOUT THE SPEAKER —————————– Bea is a Data Scientist at Olympic Channel, co-organiser of R-Ladies Madrid. She is passionate about data, sports, and communities. Don’t hesitate to start at conversation with her at! —————————————————————————————- WANT TO BE FEATURED IN OUR NEXT NEO4J ONLINE MEETUP? —————————————————————————————- We select talks from our Neo4j Community site! To submit your talk, post in in the #projects (if including a link to github or website) or #content (if linking to a blog post, slideshow, video, or article) categories. ————————————————————————- VOTE FOR THE PRESENTATIONS YOU’D LIKE TO SEE! ————————————————————————- ‘VOTE’ for the projects and content you’d like to see! Browse the projects and content categories in our community site and ‘heart’ the ones you’re interested in seeing!

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