GenAI solutions with Langchain: Lance Martin on LLMs, agents, evals, and more!

02 Feb, 2024

Welcome back, graph enthusiasts, to, a podcast all about graphs and graph-related technologies! I’m your host, Jennifer Reif, and I am joined today by Andreas Kollegger….AND we have a great guest today. Joining us is Lance Martin, a software engineer at LangChain working on the open source library. Show Notes: Speaker Resources: * LLMs as kernel of a new kind of OS * LangChain and LangServ Templates Apps (Neo4j example), * Components of RAG * Motivation for graph RAG * Evaluation–evaluation Tools of the Month: * Streamlit * Ollama * Git Articles: * Why Vector Search Didn’t Work for Your RAG Solution? * YouTube Transcripts Into Knowledge Graphs for RAG Applications * NeoDash 2.4: Unleashing the Power of Neo4j Graph Dashboards * Building a Graph+LLM Powered RAG Application from PDF Documents * Unlocking DAGs in Neo4j: From Basics to Critical Path Analysis Videos: * NODES 2023 playlist Events: * Full Neo4j event list:

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