Going Spatial: Leverage Geospatial Data with Neo4j 3.4

24 Jan, 2019

Watch this presentation by Will Lyon and Craig Taverner to discover how to leverage the new geospatial functionality of Neo4j 3.4. This talk provides an overview of leveraging geospatial data in Neo4j. We demonstrate how to build applications using the new built-in spatial functionality introduced in Neo4j 3.4, explaining internals and APIs. We also cover decision choices between using Neo4j built-in spatial functionality and the Neo4j Spatial plugin. We’ll also show how to import OpenStreetMap data into Neo4j and query it using Cypher. Finally, we’ll show how to leverage user-defined procedures for working with polygon geometries in a JavaScript map application. Will Lyon & Craig Taverner, Neo4j #GeospatialData #GraphDatabase #Neo4j

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