GRANDstack: Graphs ALL the Way Down

14 Oct, 2019

GRANDstack is a full-stack framework for building applications with GraphQL, React, Apollo, and Neo4j Database. Learn why GraphQL has been quickly gaining adoption and why representing data as a graph is a win when building your API – both for API developers and consumers, and especially if you are working with graph data in the data layer, such as with a graph database like Neo4j. In this talk we will cover some of the advantages of GraphQL over REST, as well as challenges with adopting GraphQL. We also dive into backend considerations for GraphQL and show how to leverage the power of representing your API data with graph using GraphQL and graph databases on the backend. After this talk you will: Understand the basics of GraphQL Be able to query a GraphQL API Understand how a GraphQL service is built Be exposed to some of the tooling in the GraphQL ecosystem, including database and frontend framework integrations How to build full-stack applications with GRANDstack

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