Graph at the Core of a Microservices Architecture — Abed Halawi, Vinelab – Lebanon

18 May, 2017

Slides for this talk: Managing data in a microservices architecture has never been a straightforward task. Splitting the monolith is already a complex process, let alone planning a product’s infrastructure from scratch with microservices in mind. A lot of effort has been put into finding solutions for data integration in a microservices architecture — all of which are successful when you put graphs at the heart of it. This talk will shed the light on our journey, covering how to set up Neo4j in a microservices architecture using AWS, how to consolidate data in the graph as the source of truth, and how to use graphs as a tool to model and describe the architecture, the fleet of services, their states (metadata), and their relationships as dependencies. Abed Halawi, Vinelab – Lebanon

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