Graph Connect 2012: Lessons Learned: Startups and Graph Database Adoption Panel

17 Jun, 2016

Moderator: Rod Johnson, Founder of Spring Framework and Author of Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development) Rod Johnson is an authority on enterprise Java development and a leading open source entrepreneur. Rod created the Spring Framework and served as CEO of SpringSource until its acquisition by VMware. He holds a BA with Honors in Computer Science, Mathematics and Musicology as well as a PhD from the University of Sydney. Featured Panelists: Jürgen Bernau, Chief Architect, Jürgen is responsible for developing an information management system that spawns several offices and websites. His main interest lies in developing decoupled asynchronous systems with inherited fault tolerance and graceful degradation. Aseem Kishore, Developer at FiftyThree FiftyThree’s first product was Paper, an iPad app for capturing freeform ideas and winner of the 2012 Apple Design Award for iPad. Aseem was cofounder of The Thingdom – acquired by FiftyThree – which was a social network around things. It aimed to connect people around their products and passions. Gil Hildebrand , Co-founder, Chief Engineer at Squidoo Gil Hildebrand is Cofounder and Chief Engineer of Squidoo, a Quantcast Top 100 social publishing platform. Gil specializes in analytics, anti-spam, data management, and dev ops.