Graph Technology to Fight Terrorist Threats

20 Dec, 2018

Collecting and analyzing information to produce insights is a crucial mission for the intelligence community. But as the amount of data collected increases, intelligence analysts are facing new challenges in terms of data processing and analysis. Disparate and large datasets are complicating the tagging, indexing, archiving and analysis of information. In this talk, Frederick Kagan from the American Enterprise Institute will present how the analysts from the Critical Threat Projects are using Neo4j and Linkurious to solve these challenges and conduct intelligence analysis. You will learn how the team built a graph-based data-intelligence platform to piece together intelligent pictures of conflict dynamics, understand threats, and produce recommendations. Sébastien Heymann, CEO of Linkurious and Fred Kagan, Director of Critical Threats Project at American Enterprise Institute #ConnectedData #DataAnalysis #GraphConnect

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