GraphAcademy Live: Cypher Fundamentals

27 Jun, 2024

In this module you will learn how to write Cypher code to retrieve data from the graph. You will learn how to: – Retrieve nodes from the graph. – Retrieve nodes with a particular label. – Filter the retrieval by a property value. – Return property values. – Retrieve nodes and relationships from the graph using patterns in the graph. – Filter queries Using the Movies example dataset, you will create and execute Cypher code to find actors and movies in our graph. Presenter: Martin O’Hanlon Full Course: Constraints and Indexes: Cypher Aggregations: GenAI Courses: Neo4j & LLM Fundamentals Video: 0:00 Introduction and Welcome 0:21 Graph Academy Overview 2:38 Starting the Course: Cipher Fundamentals 4:02 Reading and Filtering Data 6:02 Nodes and Relationships in Cipher 8:22 Advanced Filtering Techniques 13:30 Exercises and Challenges 35:10 Creating and Updating Nodes 46:00 Creating and Updating Relationships 52:53 Deleting Data and Final Q&A #neo4j #graphdatabase #gql #querylanguage #workshop

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