GraphAcademy Live: Neo4j & LLM Fundamentals

17 Apr, 2024

Discover the power of integrating Neo4j with Generative AI models through Langchain. Learn how to use graph databases to enhance the accuracy and reliability of Large Language Models (LLMs) by grounding them with factual information, effectively preventing misinformation or ‘hallucinations.’ We go hands-on using Langchain and Python to seamlessly connect an LLM with Neo4j, using Cypher and Vector Indexes for robust AI applications. Although we focus on OpenAI models, Langchain’s versatility allows for exploring various LLMs. Presenter: Martin O’Hanlon Full Course: 0:00 Intro 3:40 GraphAcademy and Course Overview 5:55 Neo4j & GenAI 15:55 Avoid Hallucination 24:40 Grounding 28:30 Vectors & Semantic Search 34:35 Vector Indexes 47:38 Introductio to Langchain 54:30 Overview of Rest of Course 56:10 Q&A 58:44 Wrap-Up #neo4j #graphdatabase #llm #langchain #genai #python #genai

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