Graphs in Government: Achieving Total Cost Visibility for the U.S. Army

10 Dec, 2019

Maximizing cost visibility is a common goal for large organizations, including the United States Department of Defense. The United States Army is required to track operating and support costs for weapon systems including weapons definition, force structure, inventory, requisitions, maintenance, ammunition and more. That equates to a vast amount of data and growing data management complexities. To address these challenges and achieve total cost visibility, the Army adopted the Neo4j graph database to create, manage, and analyze data relationships across the logistics community. In this webinar, Jason Zagalsky, Federal Account Manager at Neo4j, will provide a brief overview of Neo4j and Graphs In Government, followed by Preston Hendrickson, Principal Systems Analyst at CALIBRE Systems, describing how modernizing its cost tracking system gave the Army the cost visibility needed to meet DoD objectives.

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