Graphs: The Secret to CCPA Success

01 Jul, 2020

Companies that collect personal data from Californians are subject to stringent regulations and reprimand – and the rest of North America is watching. The new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is now law and imposes stiff penalties on those that misuse or resell consumers’ private information. Even victims of data leaks face a reputational and financial risk. Join Yasir Ali, CEO and Founder of Predict Data and Nav Mathur, Senior Director of Global Solutions at Neo4j, for this webinar that addresses: – Highlights of the CCPA Regulation and what it means for organizations – Regulatory-overlap between CCPA, GDPR and other regulations – Personal Identifiable Information (PII) – Data Management in the new regulatory landscape – How can you find and track personal data within your organization – What is graph technology and why is it superior for compliance solutions – Key features of a robust privacy compliance solution

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