Graphversation Ep. 1 – IWD Special!

07 Mar, 2023

What are the motivations and experiences of women working in technical fields? In addition, what are the cultural challenges women technical experts are facing in an industry that continues to be male-dominated? Join Michela Ledwidge and Siddhant Agarwal as they discuss the day-to-day reality of women working in tech today. You will learn tips about how you too can thrive in tech and what drives her to stay in her chosen field. Date: 14th March, 2023 Time: 3.30 PM AEDT/ 10.00 AM IST Speaker: Michela Ledwidge, Founder & CEO @ Mod Grapho inventor Michela describes her vision for using graphs as a presenter. “I was inspired by Al Gore’s Climate Change film An Inconvenient Truth and asked myself, “What if I had my own virtual world instead of a slide deck?” Grapho is a developer framework for graph storytelling that is designed for Extended Reality (XR) applications, made by Sydney studio Mod and is available for licensing. Mod hopes Grapho can help folks get a handle on data that is most important to them. Host: Siddhant Agarwal, Tech Community Manager – APAC @ Neo4j With over 8 years of industry experience, he has literally spent his entire career in building, scaling and growing communities in India and has found his passion in launching ed-tech initiatives, design innovation, growing startup ecosystem and building for the next billion users. Siddhant has previously worked with Open Financial Technologies, Google, Beahead and IBM. A design thinker at heart, he loves working with startups and helping them scale in UX and improve their designs.

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