How Graphs are Taming the Complexity of Network & IT Ops

13 Apr, 2017

Jeff Morris, Head of Product Marketing, Neo4j, and Ryan Boyd, Developer Relations, Neo4j:Networks are stressed. Telco networks, data centers, corporate networks, and service providers are all stressed. Network operators who face balancing uptime and service levels with growth and security demands may find that graph technology provided by Neo4j can provide welcome relief. During this webinar presentation, we explore: -How to map, manage and query complex network infrastructures comprised of interrelated devices, systems, clouds, locations, and users. -How to model these interdependencies to help diagnose machine, service and network failures while minimizing service interruption. -How to grow the network by adding physical and virtual nodes, devices, {towers}, servers, or applications without increasing the complexity of managing them. -How to use the power of graph relationships to identify suspicious behaviors or failures without impeding regular operations. -How to use Neo4j to craft your own IT asset and configuration management system that incorporates not only hard assets, but also cloud services, business processes and users.

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