How TruSTAR uses Neo4j

23 Jun, 2016

Shimon Modi, Director of Product, TruSTAR, and Ian Sinnott, Senior Software Engineer, TruSTAR:As cyber threats continue to outpace capabilities of security operators, companies are facing the reality of balancing their limited cyber resources with expanding digital footprints. Today’s enterprise security model is based on ever-evolving endpoint security and monitoring technologies that require security teams to sift through a myriad of data and alerts. While security analytics continue to mature and certainly have their place, incident information exchange and cross-organizational sharing seems to be stuck in 20th century. A growing number of security professionals agree that the most under-utilized information in cyber security today is that of attacks that have already happened. Join TRUstar on Thursday, June 9th, to learn how a connected approach towards data applies to different security use cases—and how to increase performance and services in each of these sectors by leveraging connections in data.

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