Improve Insight into Connected Data Leveraging Linkurious Enterprise

14 Apr, 2020

Building a Neo4j graph database is the first step in the journey toward making sense of your connected data. The next step is discovering how to use Neo4j to make smarter decisions in your business, like stopping fraud cases, investigating a cyber threat or tracking data lineage. This is the next installment in our Neo4j Partner Webinar series, offering live demonstrations, customer use cases and real-time Q&A sessions with select Neo4j partners. This 45-minute session co-hosted by Neo4j and Linkurious explores how teams of analysts use Linkurious to detect and investigate insights hidden within Neo4j. In this session, we’ll cover key topics including: – Extracting insights from dense multi-dimensional graphs – Automating investigation workflows to speed up your investigations – Using graph analytics to detect suspicious patterns

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