Interpreting Relational Schema to Graphs — Praveena Fernandes, Neo4j

With all of the Neo4j success stories, more and more people are eager to migrate from relational databases (RDBMS) to graph. But the number one question is — how do we do it? Over the last few months, I’ve developed an in-house tool to facilitate this process. Neo4j is a schema-optional database, which can be somewhat intimidating for people who are used to using schemas to structure data. But at its core, an entity-relationship diagram is a meta-graph, which allows us to apply a few simple rules to transform normalised relational schemas into a reasonable graph model. Attend this talk to learn how to use the Neo4j ETL tool to import a MySQL database into Neo4j by applying a few simple rules. We’ll also cover lessons learned about schemas and common patterns along the way. Praveena Fernandes, Engineer, Neo4j