Large Scale Graph Processing with IBM Power Systems and Neo4j

31 Oct, 2016

Keshav Ranganathan, Senior Offering Manager, IBM and Phillip Rathle, VP of Products, Neo4j:We live in a profoundly connected world. From supply chains to payment networks to digital business and complex portfolios, our ability to understand and navigate not just data, but relationships inside the data, play an increasingly important role in all aspects of business. Highly connected value chains that generate massive volumes of connected data create an opportunity for graph analysis, which Gartner describes as “the single most single most effective competitive differentiator for organizations pursuing data-driven operations and decisions.” This talk will introduce the power of graph databases and share how the latest IBM Power Systems offerings featuring the POWER8 processor and CAPI-attached Flash enable unique scaling, performance and price-performance advantages for Neo4j workloads.

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