Michael and the Bot: Graph Coding with ChatGPT for Fun and Profit – Exploring Bluesky API

01 May, 2023

Michael Hunger demonstrates the power and versatility of Graph databases, focusing on leveraging ChatGPT to enhance graph coding. He explores various techniques where you can collaborate with ChatGPT whilst working with graph databases: Providing valuable learnings into generating intuitive queries and deriving meaningful insights. By showcasing real-world examples and use cases, Michael highlights the immense potential of combining graph technology with AI to not only drive business profits but also to elevate the overall coding experience. Tune in to learn how you can harness the power of Graph Coding with ChatGPT for both fun and profit. Michael Hunger: https://chaos.social/@mesirii Code: https://gist.github.com/jexp/320521a881113b853a2f97cc867a25bf Exploring: https://github.com/ericvolp12/bsky-experiments/tree/main AT-Proto: https://atproto.com/guides/overview Check out https://community.neo4j.com/ for questions and discussions around Neo4j #neo4j #graphdatabase #chatgpt #chatbot #streamlit

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