Neo4j as a Key Player in Human Capital Management (HCM) — Luanne Misquitta, GraphAware

18 May, 2017

Slides for this talk: Graph databases are a perfect fit for HCM and people management solutions. In this talk, Luanne will present the challenges faced by these software vendors and how Neo4j can help them stay relevant and competitive. This talk demonstrates how Neo4j is the database that solves the core problem of the inability to process highly connected data in an efficient manner. The session will start with an introduction to typical components that comprise HCM software suites, such as Recruiting and Onboarding, Learning, Performance, and Talent. This is followed by examples in each of these areas and a discussion on how this data has been modelled traditionally (via RDBMS). Luanne will then share her experience using Neo4j to model people data in a more intuitive fashion, and how the examples presented earlier translate into graph traversals or Cypher queries. Luanne Misquitta, GraphAware

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